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Middle Leadership Mastery

A toolkit for subject and pastoral leaders

Adam Robbins

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Never has there been a more crucial time to improve middle leadership. For many years school inspections have focused on data-driven outcomes and the role of senior leaders in driving school improvement; recently, however, the focus has shifted to curriculum and middle leadership. This has left middle leaders under increased pressure to be able to justify their actions and decisions.

Instead of relying on generic leadership theories, Middle Leadership Mastery collates perspectives from psychology, sociology, cognitive science and Silicon Valley CEOs to share evidence-informed guidance on a wide range of topics - from designing a curriculum and quality assuring teaching to supporting staff and students in crisis and managing well-being.

Adam Robbins draws on his 16 years' experience of teaching in a deprived area to illustrate his points with stories and anecdotes from the front line, demonstrating how middle leaders can better understand their context and deliver the best outcomes from a variety of starting points.

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