Darth, Boss of the Road

Phonics Phase 3

Jill Atkins, Jill Atkins

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Lernen


Darth has always been the big, bad boss of the road - but can he learn the error of his ways? Find out in this low-level phonics reading book. Part of Reading Stars Phonics - our structured programme of 133 fully decodable phonics readers to support the teaching of phonics using the UK Government's Letters and Sounds programme - Darth, Boss of the Road is a Phase 3 'Focus' book. It covers everything met in Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds, but provides extra focus on the following letters, sounds and high frequency words introduced in this Phase:chth As well as being available to buy individually, this title appears in the following discounted Reading Stars Phonics (RSP) Packs:Phase 3 Focus - one of every Phase 3 Focus titlePhase 3 Focus 6-Pack - six of every Phase 3 Focus titleComplete Phase 3 Pack - one of every Phase 3 titleComplete Phase 3 6-Pack - six of every Phase 3 titleComplete RSP Pack (Phases 2-5) - one of every RSP title (Phases 2-5)Complete RSP 6-Pack (Phases 2-5) - six of every RSP title (Phases 2-5)Complete RSP Pack (Phases 1-5) - one of every RSP title (Phases 1-5)Complete RSP 6-Pack (Phases 1-5) - six of every RSP title (Phases 1-5) For more information on how our Reading Stars Phonics packs work, head here. For more information on the programme itself, head to our dedicated Reading Stars Phonics section.

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