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Shark Wants a Friend (Level 3)

QEB Publishing

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Erstlesealter, Vorschulalter


Shark is lonely and wants some friends, so he goes out into the sea to find some. But will his plan work or will the other animals be afraid of him? Exploring themes of friendship and judging people by their appearances, this fun and engaging story with a twist also includes comprehension activities and extra discussion topics, making it perfect for supporting learning at school. Featuring original stories, delightful characters, and humorous illustrations, Reading Gems is a series designed to spark a love of reading. It is a supplementary reading programme that is graded into four levels to perfectly suit a child’s reading ability from an emerging reader to a confident, independent reader. Parents and teachers can be reassured that children are reading books that support their ability, challenge their reading skills, and encourage reading confidence with every word on the page.



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