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Scouse, Choppers & Space Hoppers - A Liverpool Life of Happy Days and Hard Times

Crissy Rock

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A VIBRANT MEMOIR OF A CHILDHOOD IN THE HEART OF LIVERPOOLThe sixties: a new dawn for Britain - a kaleidoscopic crossroads where social upheaval, artistic revolution and excitement for the future rubbed up against urban poverty, inequality and post-war recovery.For comedian Crissy Rock, born in 1958, the following two decades would be the backdrop for a childhood and youth full of adventure, turbulence and discovery, with the city of Liverpool her crucible.In this evocative and nostalgic memoir, Crissy recalls, with extraordinary clarity, growing up in working-class Liverpool, in an era when traditional values of community, family and hard work still counted for everything, even as bold changes in culture, fashion and music swept through the city. In a series of snapshots, she paints a vivid picture of an iconic place in a revolutionary time: from a world of playing by the docks and in the tenements, to the rise of mods and rockers, Beatlemania and dancing in the Cavern Club, and the birth of all-consuming crazes like space hoppers and miniskirts.Written with all Crissy's trademark wit and honesty, Scouse, Choppers & Space Hoppers is at once a nostalgic recollection of a rough-and tumble working-class sixties and seventies childhood, and a celebration of Liverpool itself - a fond glimpse into the heartbeat of the North West from one of its best-loved daughters.

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Local History, The Beatles, Liverpool Nostalgia, Liverpool, True Stories, Liverpool docks, Liverpool Saga, Memoir, Nostalgia, This Heart Within Me Burns, Crissy Rock, Ricky Tomlinson