How to Live With a Neurotic Dog

Stephen Baker

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"The Canine population of the United States is about 25 million. Out of this, about 25 million can be classified as neurotic—a conservative estimate.
"For the millions of dog-owners seeking a solution to this distressing problem—"
Faced with the complications and contradictions of modern society, today's dog becomes a neurotic. At every turn, his prime life forces—the need to eat and sleep—are thwarted. Instinct pushes him towards satisfying this hunger; sleep is necessary to infuse him with sufficient strength to get up and eat several times a day. (The average dog may require about 24 hours rest a day.) But environmental factors prevent him from satisfying these desires.
Stephen Baker, in this entertaining and delightfully fresh book, offers new help for the perplexed pooch owner. There are chapters on training, feeding and—most important—dressing a neurotic dog. You'll read about traveling with your pet...and what you can do to eliminate sibling rivalry between dog and your baby. There is a chapter on how to psychoanalyze your dog at home, complete with charts and test batteries. You may not learn a thing, but you'll be vastly amused.
Sly and witty drawings, skillfully done by Eric Gurney, serve to complement and clarify the text that will provide every reader (dog lover or not) with a great deal of dog food for thought.

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