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The Apothecary's Secret

Johanna Geiges

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Belletristik / Hauptwerk vor 1945


Historical fiction for fans of Hilary Mantel, Elizabeth Chadwick and Joanna Courtney

A young girl struggles to deal with her fate: is her extraordinary ability a wonderful gift or a terrible curse?

Europe during the Dark Ages: Anna is blessed with a remarkable ability to heal the sick and afflicted. Jewish Medicus Aaron recognises her natural abilities and takes her on as an apprentice. Anna soon gains a reputation far and wide as a miracle worker. But her methods of treating the sick and injured are far ahead of their time and soon she finds herself in mortal danger. The Archbishop of Cologne brands her a witch but Anna refuses to renounce her calling, setting the stage for a fearsome struggle against a mighty enemy.

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Dark Ages, Wolf Hall, Gift, Elizabeth Chadwick, Curse, Witchcraft, Hilary Mantel, Joanna Courtney