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Under the Ice

A dark thriller for fans of Nicci French and Sarah Hilary

Gisa Klönne

ca. 8,99
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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Two disappearances with one deadly connection: the new chilling suspense novel from an internationally bestselling author.

When a young boy and a bird researcher both vanish without a trace, authorities believe their disappearances are unconnected. It's up to detective Judith Krieger to find them.

As she and her colleague Manni Korzilius start their investigation, they uncover a dark network of misunderstood love, bullying, trust and betrayal, which takes them somewhere more sinister than even they could have anticipated.

Drawn into the Canadian wilderness and the realm of a deranged suspect, the investigators feel they're close to finding the missing victims. But is Judith on the right track?

The second title in the European bestselling Judith Krieger series.



M. J. Arlidge, mystery, Sarah Hilary, suspense, Thrillers, Canada, Anne Holt, translated crime, international bestseller, SILENT IS THE FOREST, crime in translation, Scandinavian crime, Nicci French, Sophie Hannah, Germany