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Scarlett Thomas

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A BOOK OF THE YEAR IN EVENING STANDARD and METRO When Tash, daughter of a Russian oligarch, is sent to an English boarding school, she is new to the strange rituals of the girls there. Theirs is a world of strict pecking orders, eating disorders and Instagram angst. While she spends her time with the other girls at the lake and the stables, a hand-picked few are invited to join the Headmaster at his house for extra lessons. Then her friend Bianca mysteriously vanishes, and quickly the routines of her dorm-mates seem darker and more alien than ever before. Oligarchy is the fierce new novel about power, privilege and peer pressure from the bestselling author of The End of Mr. Y.


Positively luminous - funny, daring, fizzing with ideas and altogether captivating

Ambitious, thought-provoking fun

Thomas has the mesmerising power of a great storyteller

Ingenious and original

Her prose is splendidly alive, full of unexpected phrases and delicious cadences . . . like Pratchett, Thomas blends her flippancy and her philosophy perfectly

A delightful compound of fantasy and traditional family saga . . . A modern fairytale, with flashes that are savagely funny

s disreputable niece
Filthily gorgeous . . . Imagine Muriel Spark'
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power, literary fiction, eating disorder, mystery, pressure, privilege, coming-of-age, female characters, adolescence, boarding school, friendship