The Essential Guide to Cooking with Cheese, Over 100 Recipes

Michel Roux

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Cheese has been a lifelong passion for Michel Roux, initially inspired by early visits to French markets and fuelled by extensive travels around the world discovering new cheeses.Here he offers a wealth of advice on cheese and a fantastic collection of over 100 recipes for inventive canapes, comforting soups, tempting starters and snacks, sensational salads, original fish and meat dishes, mouth-watering pasta, rice and vegetable dishes, and delectable desserts.In addition to the great cheese classics, such as fondue, tartiflette, Parmesan souffles and gnudi, Michel offers a host of creative ideas with original flavour combinations: try Roquefort pizza with pear, honey and almonds; roasted peppers with halloumi; or filo-wrapped feta and watermelon, for example. The recipes are versatile too, so you can use whichever cheeses are available to you. The ultimate guide to cooking with cheese from a legendary chef, this is a book for all cheese lovers.

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