Something in the Heart

John Lodwick

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


A victim of betrayal, he plunged himself into a reckless life of crime and passion...This quite extraordinary novel begins with a domestic scene in London such as we will readily admit we have read before. The hero, one George Abbott, reaches a state of bitter disillusion which makes him ripe for the land of underworld adventure that only John Lodwick could imagine and create with such staggering realism.This is a brilliant novel of excitement, movement, crime, and passion.Each succeeding book by this remarkable author finds more readers, and to those who have not yet discovered Mr. Lodwick we immediately promise excitement, movement, crime and passion, and more besides."e;John Lodwick is a man with a real feeling for language, and a deep, passionate concern for human love and suffering."e;-THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT"e;John Lodwick has a richness of invention and a command of words equal to Evelyn Waugh."e;-DAILY HERALD

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