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Invasion of the Crimea: Vol. I [Sixth Edition]

Alexander W. Kinglake

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This is the sixth edition of the first volume in a series of nine that was originally published in 1877, and which together provide a thoroughly comprehensive operational history of the Crimean War to June 1855, including all the early battles and the first attack on the Redan.Alexander William Kinglake (1809-1891) visited the Crimea in 1854 as a civilian and was present at the battle of the Alma (20 Sep 1854). The British Commander-in-Charge, Lord Raglan, suggested to Kinglake that he write a history of the Crimean War and made available all his private papers. The result is this monumental and elaborate piece of work, which tells the story of the war from its very origins right through to the death of Raglan on 28 June 1855, at which point the conflict still had another eight months to run until its conclusion at the Treaty of Paris on 28 February 1856...This FIRST volume takes a detailed look at the ORIGIN OF THE WAR OF 1853 BETWEEN THE CZAR AND THE SULTAN.Richly illustrated throughout with useful maps and diagrams.