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Joint Operating Agreements

A Practical Guide, Fourth Edition

Reg Fowler, Peter Roberts

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This fourth edition of the leading work on joint operating agreements (JOAs) provides a practical examination of the provisions of a typical JOA, with a particular focus on the critical issues of scope, the operator’s role, joint and exclusive operations, default, transfers and decommissioning. There is also practical analysis of the key issues which apply to the operation of any JOA and the positions which are taken in the leading industry model form contracts. The perspectives of the operator and non-operator are addressed, along with consideration of the domestic and international standards applicable to petroleum projects. New features include: •a major reorganisation of chapters and appendices to present a clearer thematic approach; •greater analysis of the key differences between JOAs operating under licence regimes and concession agreements; •new chapters on information, intellectual property and technology licensing and sharing, and relevant antitrust rules; •consideration of recent model form JOA developments; and •analysis of the application of key recent case law on liquidated damages, default clauses and operator authority. Anyone engaged in the development of worldwide exploration and production projects will find Joint Operating Agreements: A Practical Guide, Fourth Edition an essential addition to their professional library.

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