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Advising the Wealthy Client

A Handbook for Working with the Ultra Wealthy

Barbara R Hauser (Hrsg.)

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As F Scott Fitzgerald wrote in The Great Gatsby, “the rich are different” and face unique challenges – this is perhaps especially true today. Countries are racing to disclose bank accounts to garner more tax income and the politics of being in the “1% club” are not always positive. Yet these are important clients with important needs. This comprehensive new handbook, featuring contributions by leading private client advisers, includes chapters on topics including: •the importance of having a detailed, organised balance sheet; •buying very substantial properties; •choosing a country of residence; •managing cross-border taxes; •protecting assets from marital claims; •understanding trust documents; •creating a private trust company; and •setting up a family office. In addition, this book explores risk and reputation management, addresses diminished capacity and provides an evaluation of the wealth infrastructure, the philanthropic framework and the future of global investing. Edited by Barbara Hauser, Editor of The International Family Offices Journal and the new edition of Family Offices: The STEP Handbook for Advisers, this new handbook will provide essential reading for all private client advisers, wherever they are based.

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