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John Gower in Manuscripts and Early Printed Books

Robert F. Yeager (Hrsg.), Derek Pearsall (Hrsg.), Martha W. Driver (Hrsg.)

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Belletristik / Essays, Feuilleton, Literaturkritik, Interviews


The media in which Gower's works were first transmitted, whether in print of manuscript form, are of vital importance to an understanding of both the poet and his audience. However, in comparison with those of his contemporary Chaucer, they have been relatively little studied.
This volume represents a major collaboration between specialist scholars in manuscript and book history, and experts in Gower more generally, breaking new ground in approachingGower through first-hand study of his publications in manuscript and print. Its chapters consider such matters as manuscript and book illumination, provenance, variant texts and editions, scribes, and printers, looking at how, andto what degree, the materiality of the vellum, paper, ink and binding illuminates - and even implicates - the poet and his poetry.

MARTHA DRIVER is Distinguished Professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies at Pace University; DEREK PEARSALL is Gurney Professor of English Literature, Emeritus, Harvard University; R.F. YEAGER Is Professor of English and Foreign Languages, Emeritus, University of West Florida.

Contributors: Stephanie L. Batkie, Julia Boffey, Margaret Connolly, Siân Echard, A.S.G. Edwards, Robert Epstein, Brian W. Gastle, Amanda J. Gerber, Yoshiko Kobayashi, Aditi Nafde, Tamara Peréz-Fernández, Wendy Scase, Karla Taylor, David Watt.