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Music in North-East England, 1500-1800

Kirsten Gibson (Hrsg.), Roz Southey (Hrsg.), Stephanie Carter (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Music in North-East England provides a wide-ranging exploration of musical life in the North-East of England during the early modern period. It contributes to a growing number of studies concerned with developing a nationwide account of British musical culture. By defining the North-East in its widest sense, the collection illuminates localised differences, distinct musical cultures in urban centres and rural locations, as well as region-wide networks, and situates regional musical life in broader national and international contexts. Music in North-East England affords new insights into aspects of musical life that have been the focus of previous studies of British musical life - such as public concerts - but also draws attention to aspects that have attracted less scholarly attention in histories of early modern British musical culture: the musical activities and tastes of non-elite consumers; interactions between art music and cheap print and popular song; music education beyond London and its satellite environs; the recovery of northern urban soundscapes; and the careers of professional musicians who have not previously been the focus of major published musicological studies.

STEPHANIE CARTER is a music historian and archivist.
KIRSTEN GIBSON is Senior Lecturer and Head of Music at Newcastle University.
ROZ SOUTHEY is a music historian and novelist.
CONTRIBUTORS: Stephanie Carter, Kirsten Gibson, Roz Southey, Diana Wyatt, Magnus Williamson, Matthew Gardner, Simon D.I. Fleming, Christopher Roberts, Eleanor Warren, Andrew Woolley, Stephen A. Marini, Amanda Eubanks Winkler, Amélie Addison, Barbara Crosbie, Oskar Cox Jensen.

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