Latin America

Management Education's Growth and Future Pathways

Alexander Wilson, Gabriela Alvarado, Lynne Thomas, et al.

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Latin American business schools have grown in scaleand quality in recent decades, yet they have received a relatively low level ofattention globally when compared to schools from other parts of the world. This book seeks to address this dearth of attention and provide an in-depthexamination of management education in the region. The book examines the main historical, cultural, social,political, and economic aspects of the Latin American continent and describes the evolutionary path of business education in the region until its currentstate. It analyzes and interprets the major events, key issues, impact ofdifferent actors, main changes, and "e;blind spots"e; in the evolution ofmanagement education in Latin America over the last 10 years. It then identifies the biggest on-going challenges confronting business education on the continentand discusses whether a Latin American model for management education is arealistic proposition. Finally, the book explores how the competitive environment ofbusiness education in the region will evolve over the next 10 years, and howthese changes will influence the critical issues facing Latin American managementeducation.

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