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The Science and Commerce of Whisky

Ian Buxton, Paul S Hughes

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Since the publication of the first edition in 2014, the whisky industry has continued to change. This book provides the reader with an overview of the latest academic research and industry best practice in an accessible and authoritative format. Despite the recession, new distillation capacity has been added at a record pace and new consumers in new markets have entered the arena. Distillers are experimenting with new finishes, packaging and marketing techniques and amongst consumers there is a hunger for knowledge and informed commentary. An entirely new chapter discussing the management and utilization of co-products and recent developments in areas such as anaerobic digestion is included along with revisions and updates to most chapters. Written by acknowledged and experienced authorities of the subject, this book provide an up to date treatment of this fast developing area. Aimed at the popular market, it provides a leading text for students of distilling, industry practitioners, new craft distillers and whisky enthusiasts.

Review of the 1st Edition

‘The authors have clearly put much effort into this book... I enjoyed the book almost as much as I enjoy whisky. Fascinating stuff from cover to cover.’ Ian W. Davies, Chromatographia, 2014, 77, 1733-1734

‘Sometimes, you come across a book that’s so comprehensive that it’s worth shouting about….a fascinating book that can be engaged with on numerous levels, even if you aren’t a student of distilling.

Pop it on the shelf and consult it from time to time over the coming years.

This might be the only whisky book you’ll ever need.’

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