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Principles of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

Peter Haines (Hrsg.), Simon Gaisford (Hrsg.), Vicky Kett (Hrsg.)

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The use of thermal and calorimetric methods has shown rapid growth over the past few decades, in an increasingly wide range of applications. The original text was published in 2001; since then there have been significant advances in various analytical techniques and their applications. This second edition supplies an up to date, concise and readable account of the principles, experimental apparatus and practical procedures used in thermal analysis and calorimetric methods of analysis. Written by experts in their field, brief accounts of the basic theory are reinforced with detailed technical advances and contemporary developments. Where appropriate, applications are used to highlight particular operating principles or methods of interpretation.

As an important source of information for many levels of readership in a variety of areas, this book will be an aid for students and lecturers through to industrial and laboratory staff and consultants.

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Parkes, Principles, Kett, Gaisford, Ian, Royall, Price, Calorimetry, Simon, Analysis, Hunter, Priestley, John, Nicole, Scowen, Edward, Vicky, Peter, Thermal, Haines, Paul, Duncan, Gareth, Gabbott, Charsley