Good Leaders in Bad Trouble

How to Navigate Wild Waters at Work

Martin Farrell

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Good Leaders in Bad Trouble is crammed full of practical and insightful advice for civil society leaders (Chairs and boards, CEOs and senior team members): how to avoid falling into a crisis, what to do when you're waist-deep in one, and how to move on to recovery.

A unique and rich mix of imaginative story-telling and practical mental health advice from an author with six decades of third-sector experience, Good Leaders in Bad Trouble is for those nightmare times when everything seems to be falling apart, and also supports recovery when the worst is over.

With engaging humour and deep wisdom, Good Leaders in Bad Trouble tells the stories of civil society leaders not unlike you, as they drift into crisis, struggle deep in wild waters, and eventually regain dry ground. The wise words they discover along the way will be as valuable for you as for them, as Martin Farrell draws on his unparalleled experience of facilitation and crisis-coaching civil society leaders in the UK and internationally over many decades.

As civil society is under ever greater threat and pressure on leaders increases, every leader should keep this book close to hand: it's bedtime reading for the nights when you can't sleep…



Charity leadership, Crisis management, Not for Profit, Mental Health resilience, Third sector, practical advice, Civil Society