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Batch Cooking Your Family Will Love: 100 Fuss-Free Meals to Save You Time & Money

Ciara Attwell

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Everything you need to know to make batch cooking work for you and your family.

Meal planning and batch cooking save you time and money, so discover Ciara's simple and practical system to alleviate meal panic! Adaptable to suit every schedule, no fancy equipment needed and all ingredients found at the supermarket, Ciara has redefined batch cooking and delivers 100 delicious, fuss-free recipes:

BREAKFAST recipes for more than just cereal or toast
Quick and fresh LUNCH ideas
SLOW COOKER recipes prepped in the morning for no-hassle dinner later
ONE-POT WONDERS all cooked on the hob in 30 mins
FAMILY FAVOURITES to make in batch and freeze for another day
COOK ONCE, EAT TWICE: leftovers transformed into an entirely new dish
FREEZER STASH BAGS to make you a food prep master
No day is complete without BIG BATCH SNACKS!

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