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The Right Sort of Girl

The Sunday Times Bestseller

Anita Rani

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Fizzing with energy, hilarity and charm, The Right Sort of Girl is the Sunday Times bestseller from Countryfile's Anita Rani.

'Warm, honest and funny, filled with hope and inspiration' Nikesh Shukla
'Funny, touching, occasionally veering into beautifully controlled, quiet rage... a must-read' Viv Groskop
'Like a bloody good natter with your down-to-earth friend' Shappi Khorsandi
'A joy from start to finish' Emma Kennedy
'Empowering... I will be recommending to everyone I know' Nikita Gill

'I'm a girl and northern and brown, didn't you know? A triple threat!' Trying to navigate her Indian world at home and the British world outside her front door, Anita Rani was a girl who didn't ­fit in anywhere. She was always destined to stand out: from playing Mary in her otherwise all white nursery nativity to growing up in eighties Yorkshire with her Punjabi family, spending evenings in the factory her parents owned whilst trying to ­figure out how best to get rid of hair that seemed to be growing EVERYWHERE.

Anita shares the lessons she wishes her younger self could have known: 'Freedom is Complicated', 'You Will Fall in Love and Be Loved' and, most importantly, 'Your Anger is Legitimate'. How did she manage to become the powerhouse she is, whilst battling against being too white inside her home and too brown outside of it?

This story of a second-generation British Indian woman up north is also a tale of tenacity and a life lived with positivity and humour. If you have ever felt alone, different, or just not the right sort of girl, this is the book for you.

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