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Easy Peasy Awesome Pawsome

Dog Training for Kids; ('Easy to follow and great fun!' Kate Silverton)

Steve Mann

ca. 18,99
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'This wonderful book is essential reading for all children with furry best friends, written in a way that is very easy to follow and great fun!' - Kate Silverton

My name is Steve Mann and I have THE COOLEST JOB IN THE WORLD! As a dog trainer, I get to work with our fantastic furry friends every single day. Now, I want to teach YOU how you can become an AWESOME PAWSOME dog trainer too!

As well as all the essential skills such as Sit, Down and walking nicely on a lead, you'll also get to learn...

- How to teach your dog to MAKE THEIR OWN BED!
- How your dog's nose will help you find HIDDEN TREASURE!

This book is filled with easy, fun and super-cool exercises for you and your dog to do together. You'll soon be qualified as an AWESOME PAWSOME dog trainer and, best of all, you and your dog will become the BEST TEAM-MATES ... while always HAVING FUN!

The must-have book for any family with a dog and kids living under the same woof - ahem - roof!



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