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Adult Minority Language Learning

Motivation, Identity and Target Variety

Colin J. Flynn

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This book examines the role of affective variables in the process of learning a minority language. It presents a comprehensive account of how adult learners’ attitude, motivation and identity are related to their awareness of, and commitment to, different dialects and varieties as target speech models. These issues are examined in the context of Irish, a minority language which does not have a standard spoken variety and where the vast majority of learners have no regular contact with native speakers. Using a mixed methods research approach, this study explores the relationships that exist between, on the one hand, learners’ attitudes towards the three main traditional dialects of Irish and non-traditional second language varieties, and on the other, their motivation and self-concept as second language learners.

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adult learners, target language varieties, adult language learning, minority language, gaeltacht, Irish, non-traditional varieties