In the Best Interests of the Child

Lily Llewellyn

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


I gripped the wheel tightly as I gazed across to the other side of the deep, vast gorge. The moors were beautiful, still, a far cry from the desperation and despair that filled my troubled mind. It would be frighteningly easy. Just a single movement of my foot on the accelerator, a few seconds and the nightmare would be over. We would be free of him. Free of the insanity and trauma we were being forced to live through every waking moment of every hellish day.I stared ahead. The pale limestone seemed to glow against a sky that was perfectly blue. A tree swayed gently on the other side holding my attention as I sat rigid and desolate in my seat. Hysterical laughter broke through the silence as Rosie began to thrash her arms and legs before proceeding to hum and head bang the empty space in front of her. Pulling the handbrake securely on and shivering at the thought of what had just crossed my mind I climbed into the back seat and held Rosie to me. Calming her, soothing her. My mind raced. There had to be another way. She thought she had escaped. She thought she could start over.She thought she could mend her broken life, but when court papers arrive on Isla's doormat, the safe haven she has built around herself and her daughter is ripped apart as Richard's shadow falls over their lives once again.

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