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A Living Dinosaur: On the Hunt in West Africa

or, How I Avoided Prison but was Outsmarted by a Snail

Pat Spain

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On the Hunt in West Africa finds Bostonian Pat Spain, an inexperienced but enthusiastic traveler and wildlife biologist, on the first shoot of his new National Geographic TV series in Cameroon, the Congo, and the Central African Republic. He was told it would be his “trial by fire” for the world of wildlife TV, and soon finds that to be literally true after their decrepit pick-up truck catches fire while doing 100 MPH on a dirt road. Things only get more uncomfortable for Pat from there as he experiences the wildlife (getting charged by a silverback gorilla and having a killer bee land on his exposed penis), the food (eating rat and face-meltingly hot peppers), and some local traditions (he’s almost arrested, accidentally married, and inadvertently invites an evil forest spirit to live in the Pygmy village he’s staying in), and somehow manages (in his mind, at least) to solve the mystery of Mokele M’Bembe - a supposed living dinosaur in the riverways connecting these three countries.



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