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Wastewater and Biosolids Management, 2nd Edition

Ioannis K. Kalavrouziotis (Hrsg.)

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The second edition of Wastewater and Biosolids Management has 40% new material including a comprehensive study guide and one new chapter entitled ‘The contribution of Decision Support System (DSS) to the approach of safe wastewater and biosolid reuse‘. The study guide contains the title of the chapter, the purpose, the expected results, key concepts, study plan, additional bibliography, and a set of self-assessment exercises and activities. The book covers a wide range of current, new and emerging topics in wastewater and biosolids. It addresses the theoretical and practical aspect of the reuse and looks to advance our knowledge on wastewater reuse and its application in agricultural production. The book aims to present existing modern information about wastewater reuse management based on earlier literature on the one hand and recent research developments, many of which have not so far been implemented into actual practice on the other. It combines the practical and theoretical knowledge about ‘wastewater and biosolids management’ and in this sense it is useful for researchers, students, academics as well as professionals.

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