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Tudor Age

James A. Williamson

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Ever since its first publication in 1953, James A. Williamson's The Tudor Age has been lauded for its vivid and vigorous approach to the riches of its subject, the Tudor Age. The present volume is the second edition, originally published 1957, which contains an additional three-part appendix, and will appeal to students of the Tudor Age and general avid historians alike."e;There are many things to admire in this volume...[Williamson] is to be congratulated upon his persistence in his declared intention of telling a story instead of describing the results of a post-mortem examination. After a brief introductory chapter in which he sets the early Tudor scene, he sustains his narrative throughout the entire book."e;-S. T. Bindoff, History Today

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