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Cosmic Forces of Mu

James Churchward

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Sachbuch / Religion: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


AT THE time of my parting with the Rishi, after seven years of study under him, and when I thought I knew it all, he, placing his hand on my shoulder said:'Go forth, my son, into nature's schoolhouse and learn, for at present you know nothing except how to learn. Every old rock with its wrinkled and gnarled fact is speaking a tale of the past if you will but listen, e very leaf on tree or bush and every flower and blade of grass growing out of the ground, has a whisper for listening ears. Nature is the great schoolhouse of knowledge, from which man is taught. Nature is God speaking.'In my previous books I endeavored to show the high state attained by the Earth's First Civilization, the state they had arrived at after 200,000 years of study and experience: and, how man then learnt his lessons from nature, a study which brought him into a closer touch with his Heavenly Father.I showed that his sciences were mere copies of nature. Even his geometry and geometrical figures were taken from flowers. He carried these flower symbols into his art so that, today, we find his ancient statuary and structures based on regular, progressive, geometrical lines. The same geometrical figures were used in explaining and teaching religion.In this work I have tried to show the ancient sciences in their grander and more sublime form, taking a step nearer to the Creator himself. Yet told in childlike simplicity, as was the custom of the ancients, unencumbered with technology and hard words to understand.-James Churchward

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