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Land of Light

Hilton Hotema

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Sachbuch / Religion: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


In The Land of Light, which was first published in 1959, Professor Hilton Hotema has correlated all of the various interpretations of the works on the Tarot into one harmonious whole. Hotema says a true decipherment of the Tarot Symbolism must conform to the principles of the Ageless Wisdom of the Ancient Masters as preserved in the symbology and allegory contained in the Christian Bible and in other ancient scriptures, otherwise the interpretation will fail to agree with the teachings of the Masters who originated and designed the Major Arcana. The 78 Tarot Cards are fully illustrated.The Ancient Tarot was the oldest Bible on earth, and an interpretation of its mysterious symbolism reveals the Cosmic Phenomena that was presented to the Neophyte in the Sacred Drama of the Initiation in the Ancient Mysteries which included the strangest mysteries of Life, such as Reincarnation, Resurrection and Eternal Life.Hotema with his penetrating pen and wisdom clearly shows you secrets you have not known before."e;Hotema's folios astound me with the information they reveal."e;-T. P. McG., N.Y."e;We consider Prof. Hotema one of the world's greatest teachers."e;-Grant E. Hockens, N.Y."e;We are slowly and gradually led into the realm of genius, and shown the answers to many profound anthropological and psychological problems that have perplexed the best scholars for ages. It was left for the mind of Prof. Hotema to correlate and analyze all existing data, as well as to decode the symbols and allegories of the Ancient Masters, and to reach and explain the facts and conclusions which are of immense value to mankind, both new and in the future. The interpretation of the ancient Tarot symbolism is a great work, possibly his greatest [...]"e;-Wm. C. Lloyd, Burlington, N.C."e;Hotema is a thinker far above the best scientists, for he is not afraid to oppose them and show where they are wrong."e;-A. F., California