Víctor Bermúdez (Hrsg.), Gustavo Ariel Schwartz (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


#Nodes is not a book about science, nor about art, literature or the humanities – or maybe it is about all of them at once.

This collection investigates reality from these perspectives and others, demonstrating the possibility of intense interdisciplinary collaboration. It is a book that resists categorization, because reality and thought do not exist in separate compartments. #Nodes proposes an intellectual adventure: an exploration of the boundaries between different fields of knowledge. The book explores topics ranging from elementary matter to consciousness to the complexity of living beings, asking questions along the way: How does life arise? What is consciousness? How can chaos elicit order? These questions require new approaches. To tackle this, #Nodes brings together the contributions of scientists, writers, artists and humanists from various disciplines and countries with the purpose of stimulating new ideas.

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complexity, emotion, complex networks, nodes, cosmos, biology, literature, metaphor, physics, memory, consciousness, emergence, perception, big data, chaos theory