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Would You Rather?

The Perfect Family Game Book For Kids and Grown-Up Kids Alike! Filled With Hilarious Choices, Mind-Blowing Situations and Ridiculous Challenges

Joe Shooman

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Belletristik / Humor, Satire, Kabarett


<font size ="+2">The perfect game to get the whole family involved this summer holiday, with loads of laughter and fun guaranteed!</font>

<font size ="+1">
<span>&#10004;</span> All material appropriate for children and adults alike!

<span>&#10004;</span> Beautiful illustrated pocket-size book

<span>&#10004;</span> An ice-breaker for family gatherings, festive parties and summer holidays abroad or at home!

<span>&#10004;</span> As fun a game over Zoom as it is in person!

<span>&#10003;</span> Bring your sense of humour, as there are over 200 ridiculous, thoughtful, hilarious and inventive questions to answer...

<span>&#10004;</span> Organise the family into teams and play as a scored game, or just for fun, to suit your needs!

<span>&#10004;</span> Guaranteed to excite childrens' imaginations, and to get grown-ups talking

**Would you rather...**
Look ten years older from the neck up, or from the neck down?

**Would you rather...**
Have everyone always be able to read what you're thinking, or always be able to see what you're doing?

**Would you rather...**
Lose the ability to lie, or have to believe everything you hear?

Get stuck in with friends and family to think your way through over 200 mind-bending, side-splitting hypothetical dilemmas.

Guaranteed to split opinions and get everyone talking - and laughing - at your next party, gathering or festive get-together!



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