Mind Over Mountain

A Mental and Physical Climb to the Top

Robby Kojetin

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Ratgeber / Gesundheit


Mind Over Mountain is a journey from the seat of a wheelchair to the summit of the highest mountain on Earth. A simple mistake at an indoor climbing gym sentenced 28-year-old Robby to a year in a wheelchair, shattering his aspirations of becoming a mountaineer. In the months that followed, Robby faced depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and a complete loss of a sense of his own identity. But from somewhere deep inside him, he summoned up the strength to keep going even when all seemed lost, and from there he embarked on a journey that would become a remarkable feat of mental and physical strength. This story is more than a biography or an account of a mountaineering expedition – it's a trip into hell and back; an awe-inspiring effort to chase the ultimate dream and rebuild a life worth living for.

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