Governance-Led Corporate Performance

Tarak Nath Sahu, Arindam Gupta, Apu Manna, et al.

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In a developing market economy like India, corporate governance is becoming an integral part of the national agenda towards industrialization, economic reform and financial liberalization. Governance-Led Corporate Performance: Theory and Practice provides an illuminating insight into the functions, mechanisms and significance of corporate governance within a developing economy and the importance of empowering its corporations. In exploring the Indian corporate governance system, the book demonstrates the concept of good governance and various governance theories, including agency theory, stakeholder theory, and managerial hegemony theory. Focusing specifically on the alteration and modifications of the Indian corporate governance system, the book conducts factual empirical analysis on the effectiveness of different corporate governance issues, such as: the corporate board, executive remuneration, CEO tenure, and ownership structure. The authors create an experiential roadmap of the Indian corporate governance system, using theoretical and practical justification, which is applicable to other developing nations of similar governance frameworks.Governance-Led Corporate Performance is a practical guide book which is highly useful for students, researchers, regulatory authorities and policymakers working in the domain of corporate finance and governance of emerging markets.