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Globalization, the IMF, and International Banks in Argentina

The Model Economic Crisis

Christian Hernandez

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Globalization, the IMF, and International Banks in Argentina: The Model Economic Crisis examines the meaning of mainstream globalization and how it relates to neoliberalism as policymakers, international financiers, and the mainstream press combat populist attempts to de-globalize. Christian Hernandez chronicles the failures of mainstream globalism— and its resilience. Hernandez examines the case of Argentina as a microcosm of political, economic, and financial distress that has now spread to the United States and Europe. Specifically, it examines how the financial press narrated the globalization of Argentine banks and the Argentine Great Depression shortly thereafter. The book also analyzes over 32 years of IMF-Argentine consultations. This includes the IMF’s return under Mauricio Macri; proving globalization is not dead. Scholars of economics, Latin American studies, and political science will find this book particularly useful.

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