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Islamic Finance as a Complex System

New Insights

Karamo N.M. Sonko (Hrsg.), Haider Ali Khan (Hrsg.)

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There has been a rapid increase in the interest in the study of Islamic finance, resulting in a dramatic rise in financing since the beginning of the century. By the end of 2017 global industry assets had reached $2.4 trillion and were forecasted to reach $3.2 trillion by 2020, despite historic challenges to Islam itself at the same time. This collection of chapters provides key theoretical, empirical, and policy insights into Islamic finance from an overall complex financial and economic systems perspective. Within the complex financial and economic systems framework, this book addresses questions such as how to conceptualize Islamic financial institutions in a nonlinear general equilibrium system, how to promote Islamic Finance in Africa, how “Islamic” is Islamic finance, and how it affects price stability, among other topics. The book provides case studies in Africa and Asia, addresses the subject in a structural financial CGE model, demonstrates the development impact of Islamic finance, and presents an Islamic version of the Iceland Plan for Monetary Reform.

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