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Supporting the Military-Affiliated Learner

Communication Approaches to Military Pedagogy and Education

Victoria McDermott (Hrsg.), Leandra Hinojosa Hernández (Hrsg.), Amy R. May (Hrsg.)

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Supporting the Military-Affiliated Learner: Communication Approaches to Military Pedagogy & Education challenges the academic community to 1) reevaluate how they support military-affiliated learners (MALs) and address how the military-civilian-academic divide causes disparities and barriers to MAL academic achievement and retention and 2) implement programs and develop strategies to facilitate equitable academic integration from application to graduation.

With contributions from veterans, military spouses, and communication educators, the chapters explicate barriers that MALs face when trying to transition to, navigate, and succeed in higher education. This edited volume explores the impact of the diversity and nuances of MAL identities on their experiences in higher education; promotes military competence by providing opportunities for educators and support staff to learn about potential barriers and promote best practices for connecting with MALs and validating their lived experiences; examines how technology/computer-mediated communication may be used to facilitate community building and promote connectedness for MALs within face-to-face and digital spheres. This book is intended to be a resource guide for administrators, policymakers, and educators by providing tangible strategies, recommendations, and resources to promote the academic success of MALs navigating higher education.

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