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Groundwork of Phenomenological Marxism

Crisis, Body, World

Ian H. Angus

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


In Groundwork of Phenomenological Marxism: Crisis, Body, World, Ian H. Angus investigates the crisis of reason in a contemporary context. Beginning with Edmund Husserl’s The Crisis of the European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology, Angus connects the phenomenology of human motility to Marx’s ontology of labor in Capital and shows its basis in natural fecundity (excess). He argues that the formalization of reason creates an inability to foster differentiated community as expected by both Husserl and Marx and that the formalization of human motility by the regime of value reveals the ontological productivity of natural fecundity, showing that ecology is the contemporary exemplary science. Addressing the crisis requires a philosophy of technology (especially digital technology) and a dialogue between cultural-civilizational lifeworlds, which surpasses Husserl’s assumption that Europe is the home of reason. Angus’s overall conception of phenomenology is Socratic in that it is concerned with the presuppositions and applications of knowledge-forms in their lifeworld grounding. He further shows that the contemporary event is the epochal confrontation between planetary technology and place-based Indigeneity. This book lays out the fundamental concepts of a systematic phenomenological Marxian philosophy.

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comparative philosophy, Marxist philosophy, ecology and society, phenomenology, philosophy of culture, political theory, axiology, social theory, critical phenomenology, Marxist theory, Edmund Husserl, crisis of reason, indigeneity, systematic phenomenology, philosophy of technology, continental philosophy, lifeworld, value theory, social and political thought, technology studies, critical theory, ecological philosophy