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My Physical and Spiritual Journey into Truth

An Autobiography

Ainsley H Chalmers

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Christentum


This book describes my first nine years of growing up in India followed by my family’s immigration to Australia in 1948. It describes my school years in Catholic institutions and the problems faced by immigrants at that time. It details how a God-ordained event in year nine saw me progress from near bottom of the class to near top. How I gained a Commonwealth scholarship with no plans to attend tertiary education. It showed that with God’s guidance and against all odds, I eventually obtained a PhD in science and ended up doing research in academic medical hospitals. The journey also describes my falling away from Christianity and my eventual return to God in Christ months later through a Pauline like experience. It tells of my God-directed growth and inspiration in various areas of medical research. It also describes a parallel growth in my Christian spirituality. The book details how my scientific and biblical knowledge dovetail perfectly.

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