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Successful Selling to Type

Dr. Arnold Tilden

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SST :  Successful Selling to Type, is based on the time-honored principle that relationships are crucial to successful selling. Even at the highest business-to-business levels, people still buy from people. But, people have different personalities and approaching them as though they are all the same is like a skilled craftsman using a single tool, the hammer. The single tool approach works well if all of your clients and prospects are nails. We know they are not.

SST the Book provides an overview of this powerful business development model that has led to staggering improvement in sales performance. One client experienced a nearly 500% increase in sales with an experimental group using SST as contrasted to a control group without it. SST clients cover a broad array of industries and professions as reflected in this partial client list: Barclays Global Investors, Bink Architectural Partnership,  Empire Kosher,First Union National Bank, I-SYS Technologies, Johnson Controls Inc, KnowledgeSoft, McKonly & Asbury CPAs, Nesbitt Burns, Penn State Geisinger Health Plan, Susquehanna University, Telia Prosoft (Sweden)and Thermacore.

Chapters are dedicated to the essential SST tools as well as the core skills of questioning, listening, and customizing communication. The concluding chapter consists of drills and exercises to help you master SST and successfully implement it in the field.

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