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Brokenness Restored

Inspirational Poems from the Wisdom of God

Dedra Johnson

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Brokenness Restored is a book of poetry about my spiritual journey while being faced with adversity. Emotionally shattered, I sought God and his Word for answers on how to have restoration in my health, my relationships, and my finances. This book will show you how God is greater than our circumstances by focusing on his promises to receive inner healing that will flow outward. You can do the will of God if you walk in his spirit and rest in the finished works of Jesus by faith. I hope my testimony will introduce you to Christ or help you to mature in your walk with him. We all have a date with destiny, we just need to know how to get there. It takes transformation. I have provided my strategy, but the path you choose is your decision. Life can be restored to a broken soul through Jesus Christ.

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