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Amy Eight Track

A Young Girl Born with Down Syndrome Shows Her Winning Abilities

Theresa Gonzales

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Children often don’t understand why other children look, act, walk, and talk different. However, children are very curious and are more apt to ask why that other child is different from them. The answer is that those children, if given a chance, are more like them. They want what every other child wants—to be liked, to fit in, and to have fun. Matt, Michael, and Jimmy live in the neighborhood where a little girl moves in across the street. Her family moved there because the little girl called Amy is developmentally disabled and needs a better educational program. The boys know she is new in the neighborhood. They know she goes to a different school, and they know she has a disability. However, they still choose to ignore her. One day, Amy sees the boys playing outside. She walks across the street, sits down on the grass, and stays there until she gets their attention. With Amy’s help, the boys learn something they would have never expected.

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