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I Am Creation's Story

Gladys Alex

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


The creation story teaches that every living and breathing things belongs to God and was made by God. This book is written to inspire confidence in God by introducing children to the concept that they are His most precious treasure in all of creation. This message is given life by personalizing the book. Children can record their names inside the book and they can place their picture at the end of the book. Furthermore, in I am Creation Story children can have fun thinking of creative ways to imitate other creatures in creation. For instance, “I am the Butterfly,…” a child might pretend to be a butterfly putting his or her arms out to the side and flap them up and down to fly (of course, with his or her feet on the ground) just like the butterfly. They might pretend to be a “tree”, standing tall and strong, bending there arms in different directions for branches, then lean as the window blows, etc..

There are great creative possibilities. Create One! You and your child will enjoy for years to come. Enjoy creating!

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