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Shaolin Kempo Unveiled

Professor Tom Ingargiola, Master Marlon Wilson

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Shaolin Kempo is a dynamic martial art form that has wide spread branches throughout North America and Europe, yet it has been largely misunderstood and misinterpreted for a variety of factors. This book is a collaborative work on the part of two Shaolin Kempo Masters from two different countries and two divergent backgrounds. The goal of Shaolin Kempo Unveiled is to demystify the art of Shaolin Kempo and assist its multitude practitioners to arrive at a better understanding of its foundation, its core and its goals. The authors will also introduce the master keys to unlock the tremendous power and effectiveness unexplored by many Shaolin Kempo students. Follow the teachings in this book and not only will you grow as a martial artist, the effectiveness of your self-protection skills will increase exponentially. This book is not intended to be an end product. It is intended to be a starting platform to unite and promote a better understanding and practice of the venerable art of Shaolin Kempo.

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