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The Great Migration of Black Women Educators from Segregation to Integration

Obiora N Anekwe

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Belletristik / Essays, Feuilleton, Literaturkritik, Interviews


The Great Migration of Black Women Educators from Segregation to Integration documents the real-life journey of Black women educators who migrated North in order to obtain their advanced academic degrees. Remarkably, these women did not remain in the North. Instead, they returned to their communities in the South in order to educate Black children. Dr. Obiora N. Anekwe uses photographic images, archival documents, oral history interviews, essays, and a documentary script to tell the untold stories of Black women educators he personally knew. These women have influenced his educational, ethical, and moral values, which, in turn, have impacted how he teaches young people today. While reading the book, we are reminded to never give up in the face of human injustice. In the end analysis, this book speaks to how education serves as the gateway to a better life for all humanity.

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Elementary, Education, Secondary, Southern Nonfiction Literature, Black History, African American History, and Higher Education, Women's Studies