You're a Good Friend, Capybara

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Ratgeber / Familie


An ode to friendship delivered by the capybara and their many animal friends!

Whether they're sharing their favorite snacks, laughing along with your best jokes, or cheering you on through thick and thin, capybaras know what it means to be a good friend!

This lighthearted ode to friendship is delivered by capybaras, gentle giants who are known for their calm demeanor and social friendships with other animals, from dogs and monkeys to turtles and birds. This gift book features charming photography of these cuddly creatures and their assorted animal companions, paired with sweet advice and odes to friendship, straight from nature's experts. This celebration of the capybara's community, love, and kindness towards everyone—regardless of whether they have hooves, claws, or shells—is a must-have gift for friends of all sizes.

ANIMAL FRIENDSHIPS: Whether it's playing with puppies, basking with caimans, getting into mischief with monkeys, sharing a bite to eat with bunnies, or giving a ride to a butterfly, You're A Good Friend, Capybara is full of unexpectedly delightful real life photos of animals being friends.

FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD: Although they are native to South America, these lovable giant rodents have gained huge followings around the world for their photogenic friendships and chill demeanor, and can be found at many zoos and refuges globally.

A GIFT FOR FRIENDS: This book is the perfect feel good present for any friend. Whether it's someone you see every day or your far away bestie, this little book is full of sweet, funny, and heartfelt reminders of what makes a good friend. Perfect for birthdays, Galentine's Day, wedding party gifts, and any occasion to say, "You're a good friend!"