Sigh, See,Start

How to Be the Parent Your Child Needs in a World That Won't Stop Pushing-A Science-Based Method in Three Simple Steps

Alison Escalante

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In a perfectionistic parenting culture that tells you that you are never enough no matter how much you do for your kids, this unique approach empowers you with a simple parenting technique to gain confidence, remain grounded, and connect positively with your children.Dr. Alison Escalanteis a board-certified pediatrician with more than two decades of experience who has spent the last ten years exploringways to equip parents to meet their children's needs. She has experienced first-hand the culture of criticism and anxiety that drains parental joy and leaves parents feeling bad about what they should or should not be doing with and for their children. She calls this the parenting ShouldStorm, and this book is her invitation to escape that cycle and be the parent your child needs.In this game-changing parenting book, Dr. Escalante outlines her 3-step science-based approach to escaping the ShouldStorm and embracing should-free mindful parenting. Going into detail about each step, she clearly explains how to implement this approach in everyday situations where parents may feel overwhelmed and shares real results from parents and children who use the technique:SIGH:In moments of parental overwhelm, take a breath all the way into yourbelly. Imagine it's a sigh of relief. Sighs helpyou stop and center yourself instead ofreacting to the should in your head.SEE:Notice whats going on. See your child.Are they happy? Are they close totears? Are their fists balled in anger?START:Then, and only then, start listening,and start thinking about what anappropriate reaction would be. Do they need a hug?Some space? Something else?In the vein of Good Inside, this book offers a simple approach and practical, proven strategies any parent can use. It also explores parenting culture and why it has become more and more intense over recent decades. For anyone who wants a proven toolkit for resisting a parenting culture that shames them when they cant meet unrealistic expectations, Sigh, See, Start is your new go-to tool for joyful parenting.

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