Medieval III - Sword of Liberty

K. M. Ashman

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Rebellion is in the air once more in Wales...1294 AD. After decades of fighting, Edward Longshanks of England has cemented his rule over Wales following the death of Prince Llewellyn at the Battle of Orewen Bridge in 1282 by undertaking a vast castle-building programme across the land. Fortresses have sprung up in Caernarfon, Conway and Harlech, bastions of English might.But a new resistance is rising. Its factions squabble and bicker, however, dashing any serious hopes of rebellion. Rumour reaches Garyn, now leader of a mercenary band called the Blaidd, of a fabled sword that would enable its wielder to unite the Welsh with a single purpose - the Sword of Macsen. But finding it will not be easy...The third gripping Welsh historical adventure from K. M. Ashman, perfect for fans of Michael Jecks and Angus Donald.

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