Developing Language Competence through English for Specific Purposes in English-Medium University Settings

Marta Aguilar-Pérez (Hrsg.), Dietmar Tatzl (Hrsg.), Balbina Moncada-Comas (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Allgemeine und Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft


This book explores the interplay between English for specific purposes (ESP) and English-medium instruction (EMI), the complementary ways in which EMI and ESP are implemented in different contexts, as well as teaching and assessing challenges. Furthermore, it considers teaching practices used by ESP professionals and the kind of support given to EMI through ESP. The book makes a valuable contribution to the growing body of research around EMI and ESP by offering a combined study of the presence, practices, roles and impact of English in EMI and ESP in internationalised universities. Looking at the interplay between these two types of instruction, this volume is an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to probe to what extent universities can benefit from EMI and ESP to enhance international skills among lecturers and students in an inclusive way; their impact on the internationalisation of Higher Education institutions; and the outcomes that result from institutionally bundling ESP and EMI as complementary internationalisation actions in a sustainable way.

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English for academic purposes, disciplinary knowledge, Internationalised higher education, EMI, teaching challenges, English language teaching, developing language competence, EAP, English for specific purposes, Professional and academic communication, LSP, global English, disciplinary literacies, impact of English, role of English, business English, CLIL, internationalized universities, assessment, ESP, applied linguistics, English-medium instruction, non-EMI