Using strategic communication to improve well-being and organizational success

Ralph Tench (Hrsg.), Sabine Einwiller (Hrsg.), Ana Tkalac Vercic (Hrsg.)

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This volume explores current research in public relations and communication management, and in particular examines how public relations can have a positive impact on the well being of its publics.One of the biggest competitive advantages in today's business world are positive and engaged publics, because satisfied participants are at the core of any successful relationship. The success of relationships with publics is mostly based on how people are valued and treated, which in turn affects their self-perceptions and level of performance. Both of these elements are correlated with life happiness. Thus, strategic communication should be used for cultivating a positive environment and for fostering happiness and joy among their publics. This can help improve both organizational success and the well-being of people.This book will be essential reading for researchers in marketing and communications, as well as practitioners who wish to understand how PR and Communication Management can positively impact the well-being of organizations and the wider community.