Fake Empires

Marc Lindon

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Friends since infant school, Carl and Pete stay in touch through weekly poker nights and occasional bouts of vigilantism, but it's the deaths of their respective fathers that they most have in common, although they have each reacted in a very different way. Carl feels nothing but resentment towards his father. But in the financial and emotional chaos that followed his explosively messy demise, Carl lost the one person who could keep him grounded and give him perspective. Emma had beenthe one' ever since that night on stage when she'd first caressed the microphone stand, but she finally lost patience with him and his anger and has moved on to pastures new. Now Carl wants... no... needs her back, and he's desperately fanning the embers any way he can in the hope that something will reignite.Pete is on a revenge mission against the person he knows was responsible for the breakdown of his family. He's going to take it all back, pound by pound, and he doesn't need anyone else's help.Then Carl gets a message from the grave and Pete meets the woman of his nightmares. Everything is turned on its head and both are forced to confront the inconvenient truths they have been hiding from all along.

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